Asseverations Play Along

Welcome to my website, an intense exploration into the world of music to aid the development of technical proficiency and creative musical thinking. Here you’ll find files I created alongside my debut album Asseverations. Using your choice of midi player and audio tracks, you can play along with world-class musicians George Kollias and Prashant Aswani.

The materials I’m offering will help you:

  • Master complex scales and rhythms
  • Play in complex asymmetrical rhythms
  • Learn how to subdivide and syncopate in odd time signatures
  • Build phasing for fills to complement & contrast with patterns
  • Construct your own solos for each track

Besides all of this, I am including your very own member access area where you can upload video and audio performances, chat with other users in the exclusive forum area and you have the opportunity to discuss your playing with myself, offering advice to improve your skills.

MIDI Files

MIDI tracks provide the outline and main sections of each song. Guitar, Bass & Drum parts. Can be used for deeper analysis of each track. Can be slowed down to nail tricky passages!

Minus One Audio Track + Click Track (MP3)
Play along to the album’s master tracks. Featuring click track to lock in those practice runs.
PDF – Notation Score
Includes full sheet music for accurate play along.
PDF – Arrangement Notes
Navigate the music at a glance. Featuring key guidance from the composer regarding concepts and structure.
Full Audio Track (MP3)
Ideal for getting to know the music and the band’s approach, or for sitting back and listening for pleasure!

I composed this music initially as a turn of my artistic expression and a representation of the kind of sounds I hear in my head. The musical ideas were developed after deep immersion into each of the musical concepts utilized. This process was an attempt to create a masterpiece in the word’s original context. Much of the material was written just beyond the playing threshold, thus the final product is the result of each instrumentalist pushing themselves in the mastery of the music. A true challenge to your musicianship and a lot of fun!